Throwaway Phone Numbers for Small Business

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Throwaway Phone Numbers Grow Your Business 

Dollar Digits throw away phone number app allows you to expand your small or home based business without having to buy a separate business phone. Dollar Digits makes business easy.  Make a  second phone number from Dollar Digits can  your business line and get access to talk, text, and a professional voice mail message. With Dollar Digits you never have to sign any contracts or buy a second phone. Dollar Digits isn’t offering a “fake phone number.”  Customers can use a Dollar Digits second phone number however they need to. Dollar Digits’ “fake phone numbers” can be your real business numbers. Make a  “disposable phone number”  a long term and indispensable part of your business.  No need to throw away a so called “throwaway phone number” when it can be your new business line.

dollar digits throw away phone number app
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Throw away numberd can be as Permanent as You Need it to be

A Dollar Digits phone number can be a throwaway phone number for those that want that.  But it can also be a long or medium term number. You use it as a business number or only give it to clients you don’t want to share your primary number with.   Dollar Digits lets you separate your personal and professional life, without requiring you to buy a second device or lock yourself into a contract. Dollar Digits knows that being a freelancer or small business owner can be tough. Being take seriously is one of the most important goals for small business owners.  With Dollar Digits, potential customers will be able to hear your business voicemail instead of a personal voicemail. You can show clients that your company is professional and committed with this simple change.

Dollar Digits Knows that Business Owners Need to Budget

Dollar Digits offers several affordable plans depending on the needs of your business. Whether you are just working a few hours week from home or are working full time at your own storefront, Dollar Digits has a plan for you. No business wants to break the bank on a phone number. All of Dollar Digits’ plans are reasonably priced and have no contracts.  You can change plans as your business’s needs change. Small business owners have enough things to worry about.  A second phone numbers shouldn’t be one of them.

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