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Burner Phone Number App for Talk, Text and Private Messaging!

Dollar Digits Burner phone number app allows you to place and receive calls without sacrificing the privacy of your primary number, lets you burn the number and buy another when you want, all in a matter of seconds. What you may not have realized is that your friends should be using Dollar Digits too. That’s right, using Dollar Digits with friends makes it even better. Talk to your friends for free if you both have the Dollar Digits app, all messages self destruct and we block all screenshot ability leaving your messages, 100% risk free.

Download Dollar Digits Burner Phone App

With Dollar Digits Burner Phone App You Can Talk and Text Free

Dollar Digits has free private messaging and free phone calls from Dollar Digits phone to Dollar Digits phone. This means that if you and your friend are both on using Dollar Digits you can talk and text with them for free. So not only should you be using Dollar Digits for dating, but you should encourage your dates to do so as well. Share picture messages and videos back and forth. Talk all night for free.

Burner Phone number for your smartphone
Create your burner phone number free!

Unlimited talk and text is free with Dollar Digits as long as you are both using the Dollar Digits app. Having this feature on a free second phone line benefit makes Dollar Digits perfect for everyone. You may even want to talk to your family and close friends about using the Dollar Digits app. All they have to do is download the free app and select a phone number and then the two of you can be talking and texting for free all you want.
Friends should encourage friends to get free private number apps. This way you’ll never have to cut a call to a friend short because you are running low on minutes. You’ll never have to opt out of a text because you are about to exceed your monthly limit. Say everything you need and want to say to whoever you want to say it to with Dollar Digits’ free Dollar Digits to Dollar Digits free calls. This can be a great plan for if you are running low on minutes on your primary phone line.

Create your free burner phone number here
Get your free burner phone number today!

A Second Line App Is Better Than A Burner Phone

While it may seem appealing to have a cheap phone to use for calls you don’t want to have go to your main phone, many people find that burner phones are more trouble than they are worth. A number provided by a second line app such as Dollar Digits is a far cheaper and more convenient way to get a second line.

A Second Phone Line App is Affordable and ConvenientSecond phone number on smart phone

A burner requires you to buy a second phone. This is not only expensive, it also is inconvenient. Despite the cost, you will likely find that that the phone isn’t of the same quality as your primary mobile device. Additionally, you will always have to carry two phones and when any calls come in you must figure out which phone is ringing. A phone number app allows you to have two or more number all on the same device. This allows you to use your favorite phone and doesn’t require any searching for a second device.

With a Second Line App, You’ll Never Have to Waste Minutes

Many burner phones force you to buy a set number of minutes in advance. If you do not use the minutes by a certain time then they will expire. With the Dollar Digits phone number app you are able to pick a plan that works best for you. You can even pay as you go. No more wasting money on minutes that you don’t use.

Second Line Apps Have All of the Advantages and None of the Drawbacks of Burner Phones

Any advantage that burner phones have, phone number apps have as well. An anonymous phone number app is private and allows you to place and receive calls anonymously. Dollar Digits has text and video messaging, voicemail, and even call forwarding. It has all the advantages of a second phone without the hassles and expenses associated with burner phones.

Anonymous Number Apps Aren’t Just for Secrets

Using an anonymous messaging app doesn’t have to be because you have a secret. Maybe you just want to talk or message for free. Dollar Digits is the app for you and your friends. A Dollar Digits call works just like a regular call but if you are calling another Dollar Digits app then there is no cost and no minutes to worry about running out of. People are moving away from talking on phones and texting is increasing in popularity. This is great and Dollar Digits offers free Private Messaging to other Dollar Digits phones. Sometimes though, it’s important to have the personal connection of hearing a voice on the line. Dollar Digits lets you talk all you want. Enjoy late night chats or quick catch ups and as long as you both have Dollar Digits you never have to worry about money or minutes.
They say talk is cheap and with Dollar Digits that is literally true. Not only are all Dollar Digits plans easily affordable, but calls from Dollar Digits number to other Dollar Digits numbers are completely free. So get out there and talk.

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